Agency: Rolig // Art Director and Graphic Designer: Toni Domènech // Copywriter and Naming: Bárbara Galán
// Production of building lettering: D Box Design // Photos: Jordi Bosch and Pau Carrillo

Fabrick Gracia, formerly MIF 14, is a co-working space located in the heart of Gracia. It consists of several offices, meeting rooms, premises and co-working space.
When changing the naming and the redesign, we wanted to impregnate the brand with what the building used to be in the past: The Monastery of Santa Maria de Jesus de Gracia, The Monastery “dels Josepets” and The Factory of yarn of Ramon Julià.
DNA of the new brand: Industrial style, Closeness / Attention to detail, Creativity, Tradition-Origins, Elegance, Entrepreneurship.
Naming: It’s a clear reference to the “brick”, the very characteristic building material of the classic factory and an icon of the new trend “industrial chic”,
this naming speaks about building projects “brick-by-brick” and about building a community of creators. In addition, the first part of the naming “fabric”, woven in English, intentionally winks to the past of the space, the textiles factory.

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